Welcome to our restaurant the Echoput! More than 60 years ago, my grandfather Jaap Klosse came to visit this place with his moped looking for an internship. A lot has happened in the meantime. At that moment, the Echoput was a tearoom you could visit for a quick snack that cost a few guilders. Yet, Jaap was far ahead of his time and closely followed the developments of the French cuisine. Except for game.

Too long a period of maturing and thick, rich and noble tasting sauces gave him the opportunity to develop a more sophisticated cuisine. With these game specialties, the Echoput became one of the first starred restaurants in The Netherlands. My father Peter Klosse took over the job and became fascinated by taste. Our kitchen specialises in wine and food combinations and courses with multi-sensory elements.The taste of nature is still at the centre of our cooking. This way, the boys and girls of the kitchen go out to have a look at the most beautiful products of the moment, on a daily basis. We process trees, bushes, herbs, plants, vegetables, wildlife, mushrooms and other forest fruits from our area into the best dishes and we place these dishes on our menu. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the best nature has to offer!

On behalf of the kitchen and service staff of the Echoput:

Karel Klosse and Diana Lodewijkx


Restaurant De Echoput Vintage dishes

Game specialty – Back of Red Deer*  €42,50 p.p.

With purple carrot, Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushroom crème and a gravy with chervil root
Bordeaux, Cadillac, Chateau de Birot, 2014  (price per glass €9,30)

 * can be ordered from 2 persons, price per person     

 Soufflé*   €17,50 p.p.
Soufflé of verveine, with a mousse of lemon thyme and verveine, a crumble of dark chocolate and granola, served with yoghurt ice-cream and honeycomb
Rhône, Beaumes de Venise, Muscat, Gigondas la Cave, 2015   (price per glass €10,40)

 * In view of the preparation time of at least 30 minutes, it is recommended to order this in advance.


Wood Pigeon
Filet, glazed in a gravy of laurel, onion, kimchi and juice of pak choi
Bourgogne, Saint Veran, Guerrin en Fils, 2016

Fermented and as a crème, Marsala enriched with cardamom and beurre noisette
Languedoc, Barejo, La Colombette, 2017

Brawn with a crème of piccailly, sauerkraut and own broth
Bourgogne, Les Devants, Domaine la Saraziniere, 2015

Red Deer
Roast of the back leg, purple carrot, Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushroom crème and a gravy with chervil root
Bordeaux, Cadillac, Chateau de Birot, 2014

 Dutch Fiore
By Italian recipe, with rye bread, grape must with mustard and reduced Madeira
Loire, Coteux de L´Aubance, Domaine de Montgilet, 2014

Cepes mousse, rum and cinnamon, ice cream of nutmeg, hazelnut-oat crumble and green apple
Loire, Coteux de L´Aubance, Domaine de Montgilet, 2014

 Several possibilities in the menu:

3 courses: Wood Pigeon, Red Deer, Cepes:  €55,00 per person*
4 courses: Wood Pigeon, Celeriac, Red Deer, Cepes:  €65,00 per person
5 courses: Wood Pigeon, Celeriac, Boar,  Red Deer, Cepes: €75,00 per person
6 courses: Wood Pigeon, Celeriac, Boar, Red Deer, Dutch Fiore, Cepes: €85,00 per person

* 3 courses not available on Saturdays

Drink pairing:
3 courses €29,50
4 courses €38,50
5 courses €47,50
6 courses €56,50


Beef Tartar*
With smoked herring broth, pickled mushroom, cream of dill and radish
Bourgogne, Cuvee Claude Seigneuret, La Saraziniere, 2016 (glass price €9,90)

Gnocchi, pumpkin ravioli with gorgonzola and a foam of trompette de la morte
Rhône, Terre de Granit, Simon Hawkins, 2015 (glass price €7,90)

Filet fried on the skin, cream of parsnip and white chocolate, pomme souffle, cream of tarragon, eel lacquered with tarragon and chorizo oil
Mosel, Erdener Treppchen, Markus Molitor, 2014 (glass price  9,30)

Crispy fried, crème of corn, baby corn, saffron and an oxtail broth
Loire, Le Portail, Champalou, 2014 (glass price  €13,30)

Marinated in Champagne, grapes, pear compote, gel of pear and pine and a yoghurt champagne ice-cream
Loire, Les Fondraux, Champalou, 2016 (glass price  €9,40)

Assortment of Dutch cheeses served with honeycomb, fig bread and marmalade and raisin bread
Porto, The Tawny, Grahams (glass price €6,50)

Additions or changes tot the menu : €10,00 per course

*to order separately for €17,50
** to order separately for €32,50